Elliptic Labs Launches AI Virtual Proximity Sensor INNER BEAUTY on Xiaomi’s Redmi Note12S

OSLO, Norway–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elliptic Labs, a leading global AI software company specializing in AI Virtual Smart Sensors, has announced the launch of its AI Virtual Proximity Sensor INNER BEAUTY on Xiaomi’s latest smartphone, the Redmi Note 12S. The Redmi Note 12S is targeted for the international market, and the partnership between Elliptic Labs and Xiaomi’s partner, MediaTek, has been previously confirmed.

The AI Virtual Proximity Sensor INNER BEAUTY developed by Elliptic Labs detects when a user brings their phone close to their ear during a call. This enables the smartphone to automatically turn off the display and disable touch functionality, preventing unintended actions such as hanging up or dialing numbers when the user’s ear or cheek comes into contact with the screen. Additionally, this feature helps conserve battery life.

While proximity detection is a common feature in smartphones, Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Proximity Sensor stands out as a software-only solution, eliminating the need for dedicated hardware sensors. By leveraging software sensors instead of physical components, the AI Virtual Proximity Sensor reduces device costs and eliminates sourcing risks.

INNER BEAUTY is a registered trademark of Elliptic Labs, while AI Virtual Smart Sensor, AI Virtual Proximity Sensor, and AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform are trademarks of the company.

About Elliptic Labs

Elliptic Labs is a global company that focuses on the smartphone, laptop, IoT, and automotive markets. Founded in 2006 as a research spin-off from Oslo University, the company utilizes patented software powered by AI, ultrasound, and sensor fusion to deliver intuitive 3D gesture recognition, proximity detection, presence detection, breathing detection, and heartbeat detection experiences.

Its scalable AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform offers software-only sensors that are sustainable, user-friendly, and already integrated into millions of devices worldwide. Elliptic Labs is the only software company that has successfully deployed AI software, ultrasound, and sensor fusion at scale for detection capabilities. The company was listed on the Oslo Børs main exchange in March 2022.

Headquartered in Norway, Elliptic Labs has a presence in the USA, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. The company develops its technology and intellectual property in Norway and retains full ownership.

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