Jan 28th – 29th 2023, Mumbai!

with over three decades of pioneering live music as we know it today, Lollapalooza is the ultimate destination for music and culture fans, and remains amongst the foremost multi-genre festivals that’s been celebrated by several generations of listeners. It transcends geographies, language and culture, creating an experience that’s now enjoyed in 8 countries globally.

Founded by singer Perry Farrell in the 90s, his vision is the foundation that unveiled Lollapalooza right after revolutionizing music with his band Jane’s Addiction. There couldn’t have been a better time for Lollapalooza to have been born – in the peak of the alternative counterculture of the 90s. The festival set the bar for live music and changed the landscape of music forever.

Globally synonymous with alternative lifestyle, music and culture – everyone feels at home at Lollapalooza. It’s a festival that celebrates the culture of music with inclusivity and unique experiences at the centre of it all. Traveling across the world, the experience stays the same no matter where – be it USA, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Sweden and now India.

It’s gonna be an unmissable debut for #LollaIndia. Be there to witness history in the making.

See you at the festival, Jan 28th – 29th 2023, Mumbai!

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