This April, experience the magic of music and sustainability with Echos Of Earth’s India Tour with The Cinematic Orchestra.

The ‘Echoes of Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi’ is the first time that India’s greenest music festival, Echoes of Earth, will be held in all three of India’s major metropolitan areas (after a successful debut in Bangalore last year)

Featuring a single-stage concert format and visiting three different cities across India, this tour will provide an unforgettable Echoes experience in each city over the course of a single day. The Cinematic Orchestra, a British nu jazz collective, will be stopping in all three locations.

The three-city concert tour of India will kick off in Bangalore on April 14th, continue on to Mumbai on April 15th, and wrap up in Delhi on April 16th. Each city will be taken over by the event, which will use a wide variety of artistic mediums (workshops, art galleries, interactive installations, food, flea markets, and more) to raise awareness about problems related to the city’s diverse ecosystems.

The concert’s innovative format aims to educate its audience about the importance of protecting urban ecosystems through the medium of music and art, sparking wide-ranging discussions about the subject.

In addition, the event will provide a forum for specialists to present in-depth talks and panel discussions on the rich environmental diversity found in the most notable ecosystems across the three cities.

In addition, Echoes will give a platform to the inspiring conservation and restoration stories and struggles of local communities and ecowarriors whose positive human interventions are actively helping to preserve these ecosystems at the grass-roots level.

The Cinematic Orchestra, a British nu jazz collective, will perform the festival’s closing concert, which will honor Earth Day and keep the audience captivated until late into the night.

Festival director Roshan Netalkar said,

“When we think about biodiversity, we rarely picture cityscapes. However, urban areas are home to multitudes of ecosystems and natural wealth, hosting rich biodiversity. We are an intrinsic part of nature, and yet we know very little about it. Through the 3-city concert India tour, we aim to support the audience in exploring their local natural environment and put it at the heart of urban life.”

He elaborated, saying, “Echoes of Earth provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for people to come together in a responsible manner to celebrate Earth through music, art, and environmental workshops. The three-city concert tour across India will be a reflection of this ethos while providing a platform for more widespread, long-term discussions.

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