Musicians hope for a noteworthy New Year

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Sheldon D’Silva, Bass Guitarist/Music Producer
For me music is the religion of the soul, through it may we unite all casts and communities with harmony to come celebrate the joy and love of Christ. I wish for enlightenment in our souls to find peace and joy, governance through love so that we may become a society that uplifts one another. May we put aside materialistic exigency and encourage love and kindness in our actions. It is a time for giving, and through knowledge let us educate our young for a better world.

Anup Jalota, Singer,
I wish for happiness and it is not possible to get it outside. Gift me the power to feel it within me all the time. People often ask me why I‘m smiling all the time? I tell them I have one big satisfaction and happiness that God has given me much more than I deserve. Now there is no place to ask for more.

Anuradha Pal, Tabla Maestro and Music Composer
I pray that all of us bring some Rhythm and Music in all our lives.. so that we are centered and happy from within..I wish that the New Year brings us ALL,  good health, peace, happiness, understanding and success in our lives, to become better human beings, with concern for animals, humanity and the environment.

Roookumar Rathod, Singer, 
Let there be peace, happiness and harmony in the atmosphere. I would like to emphasize on spreading lots of love to all my ardent fans who have successfully contributed in making me what I am today. I shall be ever grateful to everyone and strive to do better than what I have done so far and also hope that people continue to shower their good wishes, blessings and love on my daughter Reewa, who has persevered and is about to reap the fruits of her labor.

Anand Dhotre, flautist
May all the flautists work their magic to make this world a better place to live in. I hope my students outshine in the coming year and contribute to the magical realm of music. I hope the New Year brings joy, happiness, success and love to the world. I hope we elect a government which recognizes the function of arts in society. It will be very exciting to see pro-activeness on the part of the government in this field.

Hema Sardesai, Singer
Let’s spread love everywhere to make the world wonderful for everyone. I wish everyone joys happiness plus great health and wealth too; but above all this New Year I wish everyone oneness, togetherness and a One World Family. We all belong to each other.  Love is God; God is love; Love instills respect; respect promotes humanity. So wishing everybody a happy love filled year..rock on!

Aqeel Ali, DJ
This New Year I wish everyone lots of luck happiness world peace and prosperity.
I wanna make lots of hits and make people happy, joyful, ambitious, dance and forget pain and sorrow. In my 20 years I have made a lot of fans and thanks to them I am who I am so I want them all to be happy and give them lots of great music. Music has no division; just unity

Ashley Rebello, Guitar instructor
Teaching and sharing my knowledge of music with my students, young and old has been the greatest blessing and experience and sharing knowledge has been a different feeling altogether. My wish for the New Year and to everyone would be to follow your dreams and whatever your heart wishes for, even if it is to pursue the finer arts because we only got one life to live; so we might as well make the most of it with no regrets. You are your own clay and so shape your life; and you might as well do it the right way by choosing to do what you love. Choosing music and to play the guitar has and always will be the best decision I have ever made in my life.

Happy 2019 to All

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