Anticipating the Arrival of Stray on Xbox: Potential Announcement at Xbox Games Showcase

It appears that Sony had secured a console exclusivity deal with publisher Annapurna Interactive for Stray, which made its debut in July 2022. Typically, such agreements involve a specified period of exclusivity, often lasting around 12 months. This means that during this exclusivity period, the game is only available on the platform(s) specified in the agreement, in this case, PlayStation.

As the 12-month mark approaches since the game’s initial release, it is not uncommon to see indications of an upcoming release on other platforms. The recent rating for Stray on Xbox consoles by the ESRB suggests that the exclusivity period with Sony is nearing its end, making way for a potential release on Xbox platforms.

While official details about the exclusivity agreement and its duration have not been disclosed publicly, it is a common practice in the gaming industry for publishers and platform holders to negotiate such deals to secure exclusive content for a specific period, helping to boost sales and promote their respective platforms.

As fans eagerly await further announcements, it seems likely that Stray will soon become available to a wider audience beyond PlayStation, allowing players on other platforms to experience the captivating cyberpunk adventure of navigating the world as a stray cat.

Sony has previously entered into timed exclusivity deals with games like Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo, which eventually made their way to Xbox the following year. Considering this trend, it is possible that Microsoft might make an announcement regarding the arrival of Stray on Xbox during its upcoming Xbox Games Showcase event on June 11.

Given the popularity of Xbox Game Pass, fans of the platform will undoubtedly be hoping that Stray becomes the next highly anticipated title to join the service at launch. Xbox Game Pass has a history of offering a wide range of games, including major releases, to its subscribers right from day one. The addition of Stray to the Xbox Game Pass lineup would further solidify the service’s appeal and provide an exciting opportunity for subscribers to dive into the captivating cyberpunk world of the game alongside its initial release.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits more information, all eyes will be on Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase event for potential announcements regarding the arrival of Stray on Xbox and its inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass library.

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