5 Arrested In Jamshedpur; Involved in The Theft of Mobile Phones from Residential Premises

Jamshedpur, June 12: The Birsanagar police have apprehended three individuals involved in the theft of mobile phones from residential premises. Acting on a tip-off, the police successfully recovered 20 stolen mobile phones. The arrested culprits have been identified as Ajay Ravidas alias Chausath, a resident of Baridih Basti, Ajay Singh Bhumij alias Suku, and Shatrughan Ravidas, residents of Birsanagar Zone Number 8.

Providing details, ASP City Sumit Kumar stated that incidents of house break-ins and theft had been consistently reported in Birsanagar and surrounding areas. In response, a dedicated team was formed to address the issue. Ajay Ravidas was apprehended with three stolen mobile phones, thanks to the technical expertise of the investigative team. During interrogation, Ravidas revealed that he had handed over the stolen phones to his accomplices, Ajay Singh and Shatrudhan, for selling. Subsequently, the police carried out a raid and successfully arrested the other two suspects as well. ASP Sumit Aggarwal disclosed that during the interrogation, Ajay confessed to resorting to theft in order to support his household expenses, as he disliked begging for a living. He would roam around settlements, targeting houses with open doors or windows to steal mobile phones, which he would then sell to his associates. It was further revealed that both Ajay Ravidas and Ajay Singh had previous records of imprisonment.

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