“OH MY LOVE” – A Timeless Romantic Ballad from the Film “Hum Tumhein Chahte Hain”

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The film is releasing on the 13th of October worldwide

On the 13th of October, the world will bear witness to the global premiere of a cinematic marvel. Brace yourselves, for SRG Films International proudly unveils “OH MY LOVE,” a ballad that transcends the conventional boundaries of romance. This ethereal composition, harmonized by the gifted duo Janmejaya Singh and Rituparna Sengupta, marks a momentous addition to the illustrious tapestry of “Hum Tumhein Chahte Hain,” an impending cinematic masterpiece.

“OH MY LOVE” is not merely a song; it’s an odyssey through the labyrinth of timeless love, an eloquent expression that defies the constraints of both time and space. Crafted meticulously by the maestro Bappi Lahiri, with a spellbinding orchestral arrangement by Bappa B Lahiri and Rema Lahiri serving as the Associate Music Director, this opus promises an auditory experience of unparalleled grandeur.

The verses of “OH MY LOVE” have been meticulously crafted by the venerable wordsmith Rajann Lyallppuri, infusing profound meaning into the already soul-stirring melody. The charismatic resonance of Bappi Lahiri’s vocals, harmoniously entwined with the dulcet tones of Palak Muchhal, ensures that this composition will etch itself into the annals of musical history.

This symphony, with its blend of commanding vocals, poignant poetry, and mellifluous orchestration, is destined to become a magnum opus, a literary and auditory gem that will resonate through the ages, captivating the hearts of connoisseurs of music across epochs.

Behind this cinematic marvel stands the indomitable tandem of Govind Bansal and Rema Lahiri, the brilliant minds who have brought this vision to life. Guided by the visionary directorial acumen of Rajann Lyallppuri, this creation promises to enrapture audiences worldwide. A visual ballet choreographed by the seasoned Pappu Khanna, the cinematographic artistry of Anil Dhanda, and the aesthetic touch of Pradeep Singh as the Art Director, further enrich this spectacle.

In the realm of post-production, the astute Bal Krishna Srivastava dons the hat of Co-Producer, overseeing every meticulous detail. The tapestry of this creation is finely woven together by the nimble fingers of the Editing Maestro, Sanjay Verma, while the enchanting costumes are curated by the artistic sensibilities of Nikita Srivastava. The magical touch of Hemant in the DI department and the visionary VFX by Ritesh Daftary add the final strokes to this visual masterpiece.

Publicity and marketing are orchestrated by the ingenious minds at Creative Art Studio, ensuring that the world is tantalized and captivated even before the first frame graces the screen. Picture N Kraft, the stalwarts of PR & Marketing, work tirelessly to create an aura of anticipation around this cinematic marvel. All these elements converge under the aegis of SRG Films International, the vanguard of groundbreaking cinematic experiences.

Prepare yourselves, for “OH MY LOVE” is not just a song; it’s an immersive experience, a journey into the very soul of romance, meticulously crafted for the discerning hearts that seek artistry beyond the ordinary.

Commenting on the launch of the song, Rituparna Sengupta says “OH MY LOVE,’ beautifully captures the essence of love. This song has a special place in my heart, and I believe it will touch the hearts of audiences everywhere with its timeless message of love”

Reflecting on the launch of the song,  Janmejaya Singh says “Being a part of ‘OH MY LOVE’ has been an amazing journey for me. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful melody resonate with the deepest feelings of love. I hope our audience will feel the same connection and passion when they hear it”

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