An Interview With Rohan Nesho Jain, CEO of MADverse, Talks About His Goal Is To Make Artists Truly Independent

Music industry entrepreneur Rohan Nesho Jain is committed to revolutionizing how artists find their worth in the industry. As a Music Business graduate from MI Hollywood, Rohan brings a tech-first approach to the industry, which allows artists to be more creative. His company MADverse is a DIY music platform poised to turn heads in the independent music arena.

MADverse was born out of Rohan’s passion for independent music and his journey into learning the harsh realities of major record labels. He spoke with 100s of people throughout India and Los Angeles, learned, networked, and became aware that the majority of independent musicians are spread between streaming platforms, struggling to earn a living. With MADverse, artists can enjoy the benefits of independent recording without the hassles of traditional recording companies.

Rohan Nesho Jain talks about his own company MADverse in an exclusive interview with Here are some edited excerpts:

Tell us about yourself and your ideology behind this initiative.

My love of independent music and my journey of learning the harsh realities of major record labels led to the creation of MADverse. During my time in India & Los Angeles, I spoke to 100s of people, learned, networked, and came to a realization that the majority of independent musicians are dispersed between streaming platforms to manage their careers and truly struggle to make a living. MADverse’s goal is to make artists truly independent by providing them with services that free them from the hassles associated with a typical record company.

How is MADverse being a startup different from the rest of the platforms?

We at MADverse understand the problem of artists primarily related to the education of how to do things and run their careers, In a world of multiple platforms on which everyone is scrambling for attention and so much to do for any artists across so many things out there. We are the friend in need to independent artists and labels around the globe. It’s a one-stop shop DIY platform made for them, to assist them through the process of running their careers. Similarly, in a world of countless boundaries and limited bandwidth of humans as artists managers and labels. We help artists connect, collab and create with their peers beyond physical boundaries which helps them get discovered in new regions and cross-pollinate fans across different genres.

What’s your vision ahead with MADverse? What does 2023 looks like for MADverse?

MADverse stands at an intersection of music and tech, we believe tech has revolutionized many industries from finance to HR and now, it’s time for music to lead the race. The music industry has long been ruled by the top 4 or 5 companies and that has led to the centralization of things in a few hands. In the end, we need to realize content is the king and creators should be rewarded and taken care of accordingly, we bring MADverse into this new era of decentralization where you see what’s happening around you, take data-driven decisions and use tools that are necessary from distribution to promotion. We intend to make 360-degree services as in the case of traditional labels thru tech where there are no gatekeepers and you take complete creative freedom.

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