ARKO x CHRIS GAYLE Are Here With The Fiercest Collaboration of Summer 2023!

Oh Fatima by Arko and Chris Gayle is sure to top all the music charts in 2023

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Get ready to groove to the year’s ultimate party anthem, bringing together a beat like never before. Give it up for the biggest collaboration of the year: Arko x Chris Gayle. Presented by Numero UNO and Elite Sports, Oh Fatima, which is directed by Rammji Gulatii and produced by Arun Singh, Nishant Dayal and Sujit Tiwari, will be out on May 22, 2023.

“Oh Fatima is one of the biggest desi vedesi collaboration” says Arko Pravo Mukherjee, further adding “Our aim is to take the Indian music industry to a global platform. Fatima is a personification of the same. Chris Gayle is a global icon; his dynamic personality resonates on the cricket pitch and in his music. The song is super cool, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the video and hear the entire song. Through this foot tapping energetic song, Indian & Jamaican styles of music come together in a melody created to make you swoon, groove and enjoy life”

Chris Gayle says “My stint with India and IPL has Always been memorable and natural love for music and singing completes with OH FATIMA. Great songs,great locations, brilliant partnership and a super  collaboration with arko and the team will be a treat for people globally” 

Rammji Gulatii says “In this joint venture, we have Arko and Chris Gayle spin their magic. This explosive collaboration will storm the music scene. Oh Fatima is a peppy and vibrant number; it is a song that will be played on loop at every party”

Nishant Dayal, says “Bring with Gayle since 13 years and his love for music always had a special place. With this collaboration with Arko, OH FATIMA, would be next big in the music industry. The legends of respective fields, feel glad to present this to the world” 

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