Atrangee Funkaar Releases Its Latest track Gangster Ahead Of EP ‘Filmy’

Atrangi Funkaar, an indie band based out of Jaipur, is all set to release their latest track ‘Gangster’ this month. Coming out on 22nd March, the song will be streamed on all major platforms and we simply cannot keep calm about it!

The launch of Gangster marks the band’s eccentric EP – Filmy. It follows the story of a lover in it’s own musical way, taking you on a ride full of memories, emotions, and just a touch of nostalgia.

You can listen to the song here. 

Let’s see what the band says about their song.

“When literally all the love fades away, there’s just one emotion left: Gangster. You feel it, and then you become it. However, there’s no big difference between being in live and being a Gangster as such, because both times you’ll do or die for your purpose. The track “Gangster” liberates the suppressed emotions of the wounded heart that is still striving to live. As soon as you hear this song, we’re confident that it’s energy will touch down within you too.”

Gangster is about that repressed emotion in you that never got the chance to live it’s fantasy. And so it jumps up, eager to push forward, move the limits of your heart and thrive through the cracks in your heart.

The EP itself has a “very versatile genres of instrumentation ranging from straight up pop lines in Tanne Taadu to Rampaging arrangements in Gangster “

So, in all the EP is set to grace your ears with these three melodious songs –

1. Tanne Taadu – The Love Anthem
2. Khushboo – Ballad for the Heartbroken
3. Gangster – The Rogue Anthem.


About The EP

It has some Traditional Folk Instruments used throughout like the Bhapang, Temple Toms, Congo, Indian Horn Section and a lot of electric and acoustic guitars. The guitar dubbing sessions are a mixture of Fender Strats, Charvels and The Ibanez Artcore and have used the legendary C414 for the vocal sessions.

Link To The Press Release:

Link to The Track:

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