Ricky Kej, Thrice Grammy Winner, Named UNCCD Goodwill Ambassador

In an exciting announcement, the United Nations has appointed a renowned individual as the Global Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

With a strong commitment to raising awareness about land degradation and championing gender equality, this ambassador aims to make a significant impact on these pressing issues.

This article will delve into the ambassador’s new role, ongoing initiatives, and recent collaborations, shedding light on their dedication to creating positive change.

Promoting Land Rights for Women and Girls: The #HerLand Campaign

After four years of close collaboration with the UNCCD, the Global Goodwill Ambassador is thrilled to launch the crucial #HerLand campaign.

This initiative seeks to mobilize support for advancing land rights for women and girls worldwide. Recognizing the importance of empowering women in the fight against desertification and land degradation, the ambassador invites individuals and organizations to contribute in any way they can.

An Anthem for Empowerment: “Her Land Her Rights”

As part of the #HerLand campaign, the Global Goodwill Ambassador, along with Malian superstar Inna Modja, has created the official “Her Land Her Rights” Anthem.

The ambassador and Inna Modja recently unveiled this empowering song at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. By combining their passion for music and environmental action, they aim to inspire and uplift audiences while spreading the message of equality and empowerment.

Collaborating for Global Health: The World Health Organization (WHO) Connection

In addition to their environmental efforts, the ambassador has been actively involved with the World Health Organization (WHO) for several years.

Recently, they had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Tedros, the Head of WHO, in Geneva. During their discussion, they explored future collaborations and reflected on the worldwide impact of the WHO over its 75 years of existence.

Addressing Hearing Loss: The #MakeListeningSafe Initiative

One significant initiative the ambassador supports is the WHO’s #MakeListeningSafe campaign. This vital cause aims to protect the hearing of more than 1 billion young people who are at risk of permanent hearing loss due to prolonged exposure to recreational sounds.

With a deep commitment to this issue, the ambassador actively participated in intensive meetings in Geneva, contributing their insights and experiences to further the cause.

Unveiling Unfinished Creations: Releasing Unreleased Songs

To add a touch of excitement to their ongoing endeavors, the ambassador has decided to release a series of songs that were previously left unreleased.

Despite not fitting into an album or deemed too edgy, these songs have been made available to the public in their unmastered, unmixed, and unfinished form. Through this release, the ambassador hopes to engage with fans and solicit feedback on this unique collection.

As the Global Goodwill Ambassador for the UNCCD, this individual’s commitment to raising awareness about land degradation, promoting gender equality, and supporting global health initiatives is commendable.

Through their involvement in the #HerLand campaign, collaborations with the WHO, and the release of their unfinished songs, they continue to inspire and drive positive change. By harnessing their influence, the ambassador serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging individuals and organizations worldwide to take action in these crucial areas.

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