IPRS’s #UnleashHERMUSIC Campaign On International Women’s Day Unfolds Inspiring Journeys Of Overcoming Odds

This year, on International Women’s Day, IPRS launched its #UnleashHERMUSIC campaign, an offshoot of the HERMUSIC program. Over ten thousand songwriters, musicians, and music publishers make up the IPRS, an organization that protects their intellectual property in the Indian music industry. There has been some progress toward gender parity in the music industry, with more women serving as creators and behind-the-scenes workers.

Women have historically been underrepresented in the fields of music composition, production, and management.

We hope that by taking this step, we may begin a conversation that will ultimately usher in the longed-for change and open doors for deserving individuals to enter this field. Many influential women in the music industry will use #UnleashHERMUSIC to talk about their struggles and triumphs in the face of adversity and offer advice on how to make a difference.

The goal of the #UnleashHERMUSIC campaign is to encourage people all around the world to follow their goals and do what they love.

The IPRS will undertake a nationwide poll to decode the challenges blocking women’s engagement in the music industry as part of the #UnleashHERMUSIC program.

Srushti Tawde, Mercy Tetseo of The Tetseo Sisters, Pooja Gyanani, lyricist Saaveri Varma, Anwessha Avani, Joshi Vinita Chatterjee, Rajyalakshmu Kousalya, Gauri Yadwadkar, and prominent lawyer Priyanka Khimani, among others, have joined forces to share their wisdom and experience with the world.

Ms. Priya Saraiya, renowned vocalist, poet, and member of the IPRS Committee Most of the songs in our films are sung by men, and it’s always been something that troubled me as a creator that the producers and directors didn’t trust that women could create songs from a man’s perspective.

Gender should be irrelevant. Talent should be the deciding factor. With so much new music being made every day, it’s crucial that genuine talent be brought to light. We shouldn’t let our biases stand in the way of giving everyone with talent a chance.

“I’d want to share something with those female creators who want to enter and build a reputation in the music industry but are hesitant to do so for whatever reason,” Saveeri Verma, a lyricist, said. ‘

”Self-doubt and insecurity were the greatest obstacles I had to overcome. Somehow, I had to persuade myself that I am a great songwriter. Having confidence in my own abilities helped me immensely. Right now, I get a lot of direct messages from young people of both sexes wanting to know how they might develop into great songwriters. These days, with the help of social media, it’s not hard at all to advertise your productions and works and make connections with other producers. Therefore, I encourage you to take a bold move toward your goal despite your fears.”

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