TuneCore’s Royalty Payments ‘SPLITS’ Is A Game Changer For Self-Releasing Artists

TuneCore, a division of Believe – one of the world’s leading digital music companies, has launched royalty splits as a leading digital music distributor for self-releasing artists. The change benefits the self-releasing artist community and allows for seamless collaboration among music creators.

“Our goal at TuneCore is to make our artists’ lives easier so that they can focus on making music,” said Andreea Gleeson, CEO of TuneCore.

Self-releasing artists, at all stages of their careers, have been required to take on additional support roles in order to sustain their artistic endeavors. But with TuneCore, artists can now spend less time worrying about their accounts and more time making great music by offering splits.

TuneCore artists can now split royalties from streaming and download revenue among all collaborators on any track or album.

All TuneCore artists on a paid UNLIMITED release plan are automatically eligible to use royalty splits, while those on TuneCore’s free New Artist plan can access splits for INR 599 per year via the Splits Collaborator add-on, with no royalty commission paid to TuneCore from their streaming and download revenue.

“As an artist, collaborating with other artists is very important; it can help bring out the best of our collective creativity while also allowing us to cross-promote and gain exposure to other artists’ audiences,” said Papoose, TuneCore’s Head of Hip-Hop.

The business side of collaboration can be difficult for independent artists, who must organize monthly payouts to ensure everyone gets their fair share. TuneCore’s new splits programme lets you enter royalty percentages for each artist on a track, while TuneCore handles the payouts. The company continues to prioritize artists and make it easier for them to focus on making music together.

TuneCore also allows price-sensitive creators to facilitate collaboration by offering featured artists a share of streaming and download revenue rather than paying an advance fee, lowering the upfront financial barriers that could otherwise prevent collaboration.

TuneCore will provide automatic payouts to collaborators as well as full visibility into payout details once splits are registered for a track or album. Artists will be able to edit their splits at any time, add or remove collaborators, and update percentages, relieving them of the burden of accounting for all collaborators on a specific track and allowing them to focus more on working together to create art and express themselves through music.

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