Journey of My Life

Big and bad pushing seventeen,
Thinking back, one hell of a ride this has been
It started one day, smoking pot and rolling in the hay
Life was a dream when I started
The Journey of my life
Then I moved into first I grew so did my thirst
By the time I moved into third
I was moving so fast I didn’t even notice
The highway zooming past in
The Journey of my life
I didn’t even know
When I shifted into fourth Or stepping on the Gas
Things just happened
So fast I shot a man
Got into a Van and continued through
The Journey of my life Now I’m twenty four
And moving slow
Circling around death row
They caught up one day` and threw me in jail
Without any bail
And one of these days,
They’re going to
jam brakes to
The journey of my life.

Wayne Reilly

Written on 1985
© Raga 2 Rock Records


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