Satan’s Lot

Meet Ronnie he never misses Sunday Mass

Yet, He’s always got his finger up Russia’s arse

That’s Zia scratching Ronnie’s balls

This always drove up Mrs. G up the wall

This is the Iron Lady, she beginning to rust

From all that crying because

somebody got the crust

That there is Gaddhafi his ways

got his nose in a knot

These are a few of Satan’s Lot


Here’s Gaultier he punched Maggie in the guts

But she upped and kicked him in the nuts

There Rajiv he wanted a peice of the pie

He climbed up to find the pie was too high

I’m sure that rest of him would give him the lot

If only they knew the pie was made of snot


Fat’s here is Idi Amin that hair brained Lot

Like to me the rest of Satan’s Lot

The President of Iraq farted too loud

Khomeni thought it smelt and declared war

I’ll teach him he vowed.


Here are a few of Satan’s favourites one’s

Musiloni, Nehru, Carter all were bums

Andropov Satan loved so dear

He let him taste power and called him near

And then there Hitler he was king clot

What a bunch Satan’s Lot.


Wayne Reilly


Written on 1985

© Raga 2 Rock Records

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