Khasa Aala Chahar’s New Song “Byaah” is Perfect For Wedding Festivities

In his latest single “Byaah,” Khasa Aala Chahar collaborates with VYRL Haryanvi, a wedding track that’s perfect for wedding festivities. ‘Byaah‘ is a fun song that captures the essence of Indian weddings. Featuring beats, emotions, and all the connotations your latkas and jhatkas need.

It is directed by Deepesh Goyal and sung, written, and composed by Khasa Aala Chahar. A wedding setting sets the scene for Khushi Baliyan and Khasa’s first encounter.  The video depicts a cute chemistry between the protagonists in a new relationship.

Social media was flooded with comments about Khasa Aala Chahar’s latest collaboration with VYRL Haryanvi. Among his many songs are “Mohatarma,” “Loot Liya,” “Father Sahab,” “Maai,” “College Life,” “Army Ki Vardi,” and many more.

While the singer-songwriter believes Byaah will add a little tadka to the wedding season, he also commented:

”Byaah is a song full of fun elements that one can highlight in a wedding setting. I had a great time shooting for this music video with Khushi and I hope you’ll enjoy this song”

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