Sunidhi Chauhan, Salim Merchant support Nikhil Arora’s campaign for Caregivers

  • Launch new song ‘Khayal Rakhna’

 Mumbai, August 31, 2023: CareGiveShare, a platform dedicated to building a compassionate Caregiver ecosystem has today launched their transformative campaign featuring the song “Khayal Rakhna.” Sung by popular artists Sunidhi Chauhan, Salim Merchant, Pawandeep Rajan, Aryana Arora and Vijay Prakash, the campaign aims to shed light on the selfless nature of caregiving.

As per the Health Aging Organization, 40% of family caregivers, along with non-family, unpaid caregivers find their roles overwhelmingly stressful. Further, an average caregiver spends 25 hours per week caring for their loved one and lack of support and resources drives 32% of them to leave their job to care full time.

CareGiveShare’s mission is to foster a community where caregivers can come together to share their stories and experiences. The campaign seeks to address the current gap in resources and support for caregivers, providing them a platform to connect with one another.

Nikhil Arora, Founder, CareGiveShare envisions the platform as a pivotal step toward creating a caregiving ecosystem that thrives on shared experiences and collective support. He started CareGiveShare on being inspired by his personal experience as a caregiver. He said, “The campaign is a manifestation of our commitment to recognizing and celebrating the extraordinary dedication of Caregivers. This platform will empower them to share their challenges, joys, and sacrifices, while fostering a sense of unity that is essential for their well-being.”

The song “Khayal Rakhna,” with its soulful melody and lyrics and, serves as an anthem that resonates deeply with the core values of CareGiveShare. Deeply moved by the work and efforts of caregivers in the community, Aryana Arora partnered with Nikhil Arora to draft the campaign with an overarching mission to shed light on the individuals who devote their time, energy, and love to care for others.

Sharing on the occasion, Salim Merchant said, “When Nikhil reached out to me with this project, I felt a strong resonance because it represents a significant undertaking. Through this musical creation, we aim to provide caregivers a platform to express their trials, triumphs, and unwavering dedication, fostering a profound sense of togetherness that is paramount for their well-being.”

Currently, it is being launched as a platform for shared stories and educational resources. The next stage of activation for the impact organisation is to launch caregiving services on their website that can be availed along with building a community ecosystem.

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