The All-New Echo Dot 5th Gen by Amazon Comes With Improved Audio, Ultrasound Motion Detection, And More!

Amazon announced the launch of the all-new Echo Dot 5th Gen, which has better sound, Ultrasound Motion Detection, a temperature sensor, and tap gesture controls. It will be available between March 2nd and 4th for an introductory price of INR 4,999. The Echo Dot 5th Gen sounds better than any other Echo Dot. It has clearer vocals and up to twice as much bass as its predecessors. With built-in Ultrasound Motion Detection and a temperature sensor, customers can set up helpful smart home routines with compatible electronics to “automatically turn on the room lights when they enter the room” and “automatically turn on the AC if the room gets too warm.”

The Echo Dot is the smart speaker that sells the most on Amazon. Customers can just speak to Alexa in English, Hindi, or Hinglish to play music, jokes, games, control smart home appliances, set timers, add items to lists, make reminders, pay bills, and more.

“The new Echo Dot advances our best-selling Echo line of products. We have now upgraded the audio experience and brought motion detection and temperature sensors to the smart speaker. Customers can leverage new capabilities for a truly ambient experience where tech simply fades in the background – like walking into a room and it lights up like magic”, said Parag Gupta, Director and Country Manager for Amazon Devices India.

“Customers have loved our Echo smart speakers and I am certain the new Echo Dot will delight customers, and enhance their entertainment and smart home experiences”

  • You can listen to a huge number of songs with clear voices, deeper bass, and bigger sound.

Echo Dot 5th Gen’s audio architecture has been redesigned. It has a custom full-range driver and the highest excursion speaker of any Echo Dot. This gives it clear vocals and up to twice as much bass as the previous generation, even though it’s the same size and shape. Customers can just ask Alexa to play their favourite songs from services like Hungama, Spotify, JioSaavan, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, and others that are free or cost money. Customers can also use Bluetooth to play music from their phones on the Echo Dot.

  • Use Ultrasound Motion Detection and a temperature sensor to make your smart home even better.

Customers can automate their day with Ultrasound Motion Detection by setting up smart home routines like having Alexa turn on compatible lights or play music when they walk into a room.

The new Echo Dot has a temperature sensor built in that can measure the temperature of the room. Customers can use this feature to set up helpful routines, like having their compatible AC turn on when it gets too hot inside or turn off when it gets too cold. This is a great feature to help them sleep well.

  • New tap gesture controls let you pause and play music.

Echo Dot 5th Gen has an accelerometer that makes tap gesture controls possible. This means that customers can just tap the top of the device to pause and play music, dismiss timers, or end Alexa-to-Alexa calls.

Echo Dot is powered by the AZ2 Neural Edge processor, which lets it process more experiences on the edge. This makes Alexa’s responses and tap gestures even faster.

  • Set Alexa’s privacy settings to your liking

Echo devices are made with your privacy in mind and have more than one way to protect your privacy. Echo devices have a button to turn the microphone on and off and a way to listen to and delete your voice recordings.

To learn more about privacy controls, visit

  • Price, availability, and offers

Echo Dot 5th Gen costs INR 5,499, but during Alexa’s birthday celebrations on March 2, 3, and 4, it will be on sale for an introductory price of INR 4,999 on Amazon, Croma, Reliance Digital, Poorvika, and other online and offline stores. From March 2nd to 4th, 2023, you can find deals on Echo, Fire TV, and other Alexa-enabled devices on this page.

The Echo Dot 5th Generation comes in Black, Blue, and White.

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