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Good morning,
My name is ruhdabeh and I am writing to you with reference to the release of my new collaborative single, ‘fool’s gold’ (December 2, 2022) and EP, ‘about hue’ (December 22, 2022).
I would love for you to check out the same and hopefully do a feature on it if you like the songs.
About the artists:
ruhdabeh (she/they) is an independent singer-songwriter, performer and sessions vocalist who has been a part of the music industry for several years. Their journey began with singing Western Classical music as part of the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation choir and later the Paranjoti Academy Chorus. Over the years she also gravitated towards performing pop, jazz, folk, acoustic, r&b, funk and pop rock repertoire, solo as well as with her bands ‘sock&key’ and ‘a trebled soul’. They began writing songs at the age of 12 and released their self-produced debut EP ‘of dissonance and peace’ completely independently, being the sole contributor in all stages from songwriting, composing and arranging to recording, mixing and mastering the songs, in February 2022. ruhdabeh enjoys storytelling through their music, not only lyrically but also through an instrumental journey, with a lot of thought put into the emotion conveyed by her words, melody, instrumentation and intricate vocal harmony. She regularly posts music, art, animals, LGBTQIAP+ related and other goofy content on her Instagram and YouTube channels.
Tanay Parulekar (he/him) is an aspiring 20 year old Music producer from Mumbai with a simple goal, to capture pure emotions in sounds and pass them onto the listener.
(note: artist name ‘ruhdabeh’ and song/ep names have been written in the lowercase alphabet intentionally)
About the songs:
fool’s gold is a song I wrote at a time in my life when I found myself falling in love with somebody who was falling in love with somebody else, a feeling that sadly a lot of us can relate to. The song explores themes of love and heartache, unrequited love, and loneliness among certain company. It also touches upon the discomfort of confrontation and how it can be difficult to talk about your feelings openly. The song has been written and composed by me, the keys have been played by Deivat Tapodhan, and the mixing and mastering has been done by Tanay Parulekar.
About the EP:
As genre-fluid musicians, this EP highlights several aspects of who Tanay and I are as musicians and the styles we like to explore. Each song in the EP has a personality of its own, ranging from ballads to pop jams to dance tracks to fusion and also some rap. Collaborating with Tanay Parulekar on this EP has been the best decision I could have made. Bringing my songwriting, his production and our compositional expertise together has helped transform this EP from just an idea into a fully refined finished product.
The name of the EP ‘about hue’ is simply a play on words as all the songs are named after specific colours because colours are how I make sense of the world. 
Tracks in the EP
1. obat (orange blue and tan)
2. pink
3. red (like an apple)
4. blue diary
5. fool’s gold
6. black and blue
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EP – 
Social media – 
ruhdabeh – 
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Phone – +91 9892602873
Do let me know if there is any additional information you need from me.
Thank you for your time.

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