VYRL Punjabi Unveils Satinder Sartaj and Jatinder Shah’s Emotional Ballad “Galla’n Ee Ney”

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VYRL Punjabi, a leading Punjabi music label, is proud to present “Galla’n Ee Ney,” a heart-wrenching ballad by Satinder Sartaj and Jatinder Shah. Released just 10 days ago, this powerful song delves into the depths of a painful betrayal and the ensuing heartbreak. With its raw emotions, mesmerizing vocals, and relatable storytelling, “Galla’n Ee Ney” resonates with listeners on a profound level, invoking a range of emotions.

Satinder Sartaj, known for his soul-stirring performances, lends his exceptional voice to this track, capturing the essence of immense pain and suffering. The lyrics skilfully explore the human condition, addressing themes of sadness, misery, depression, and loneliness.

Within a mere 10 day, “Galla’n Ee Ney” has amassed over 200,000 views, solidifying its popularity among music enthusiasts. The music video, showcasing the chemistry between the protagonists, has become an instant hit, garnering widespread admiration. One fan expressed, “Truly touched my heart,” while another aptly stated, “A music video that is so passionate and packs in so much intensity.”

Reflecting on the song, Satinder Sartaj shared, “I am truly grateful for the collaboration with Jatinder Shah and VYRL Punjabi on ‘Galla’n Ee Ney.’ This song holds a special place in my heart, as it explores the depths of human emotions and tells a story of betrayal and heartbreak in a profound way. It gives me immense happiness to witness the overwhelming love ‘Galla’n Ee Ney’ has received from the audience. The song has touched the hearts of listeners, resonating with them on a deep level and evoking a range of emotions. I am overwhelmed by the incredible support and love shown by fans for this track. Their appreciation and encouragement inspire me to continue creating music that connects with their souls. Thank you for embracing ‘Galla’n Ee Ney’ with such warmth and enthusiasm” 

“Galla’n Ee Ney” showcases the artistic brilliance of Satinder Sartaj and Jatinder Shah, capturing the attention and emotions of listeners across the globe. This emotionally charged ballad offers a powerful and relatable experience, leaving an indelible impact on those who hear it.

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