ABODE – Project Music GenAI Control

Abode has introduced a new groundbreaking prototype tool named Project Music GenAI Control to empower amateur musicians and podcasters. This innovative software aims to revolutionize the music creation process by generating customized musical compositions through simple text prompts.

Project Music GenAI Control has a built-in editing feature, which the users can fine-tune various aspects of the generated music including tempo, melody patterns, intensity and structure and can effortlessly adjust Al-generated compositions to suit their preferences. Users can further refine the Al-generated music by providing a reference melody, offering a high degree of customization without the need for manual waveform editing in digital audio workstations.

Though in the early stages of development, Project Music GenAI Control represents a promising advancement in music creation technology. Adobe has not disclosed specific details regarding the tool’s editing features or its anticipated launch date. Primarily targeted towards amateur creators and podcast producers seeking a quick and customized music solutions, Project Music GenAI Control holds potential for broader applications in professional workflows and could serve as a valuable resource for sound designers and composers.


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