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Music is a beautiful art mastered by dedication and devotion of the artist towards his instrument – vocal chord, Tabla or Guitar in the case of Shitalchandra Kulkarni. For Shitalchandra Kulkarni it doesn’t end there. It’s not just about his instrument. He is one of the few who has gone beyond. He has expanded his bandwidth of 1G(Guitar) to 2G in his Studio which is all about Gears. In the realm of music production, Shitalchandra Kulkarni has earned a remarkable reputation as an exceptional music producer hailing from India. Shital’s skillful craftsmanship and unwavering passion for music have propelled him to great heights in the industry. One of the key factors contributing to his success is how he uses his 2G. This article delves into Shital’s journey as a music producer and highlights how his Gears have played a pivotal role in creating beautiful Musonic, a Portmanteau of Music and Sonic.

ShitalChandra Kulkarni also known as SCK in the lines of SRK, has proved himself to be SRK of the guitar world with his award collection. Recently he has bagged yet another award – The prestigious #Clef Music Award 2023 for being the best guitarist for the track #Run For Cover.

SCK’s passion for music ignited at an early age, and he embarked on a journey to master the art of music production. His relentless pursuit of excellence led him to work with numerous renowned artists, enabling him to garner extensive experience across diverse genres. His keen ear for sound, coupled with his profound understanding of music theory and production techniques, has established him as a maestro in his field.

At the core of SCK’s success lies his passion for tech fulfilled through his in-house studio. This is his den which has become a sanctuary for creativity and innovation. This studio provides him with an environment perfectly suited for producing world-class music. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and industry-standard equipment, this state-of-the-art facility empowers SCK to deliver exceptional sound quality and capture the essence of every composition.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of his musical origins, Shitalchandra has undergone a transformative journey, transcending the boundaries of being just a musician and blossoming into an Audiophile extraordinaire. As he delves deep into the enchanting realm of Hi-Fi studio equipment, much like the legendary #A.R. Rahman, Shitalchandra emerges as an upcoming producer destined to create symphonies that will echo through the ages.

Shitalchandra Kulkarni’s his keen ear for sound, coupled with his profound understanding of music theory and production techniques, has resulted in sonic beauty in his song production. He has a very tasteful choice when it comes to investing in his 2G. In most professional studios one would see only a single brand of Speaker Monitors. Since SCK has the power of 2G, he has invested in #Adams A7 with ribbon twitters and #Tannoy which gives clarity in case the HF distorts. As an Audiophile and Mastering Engineer myself I say this is the ideal way to be the judge of your own work.

SCK as a Music Producer in his in-house recording studio boasts a plethora of advanced tools and software like # Logic, # Protool & a collection of plug-ins, enabling him to bring his creative visions to life. From high-end microphones like #Sure #AKG and #Rhode and top-notch audio interfaces like #Prism, #Digidesign and #Roland to a vast array of virtual instruments. Every element of his gadjet has been carefully selected to ensure the utmost precision in sound production. This comprehensive setup empowers him to achieve timbre in music quality and the desired tone, texture, and ambiance for each recording to create the best Musonic.

The studio’s layout has been thoughtfully designed to maximize productivity, with all essential equipment and instruments within arm’s reach. This streamlined setup allows him to work swiftly and effortlessly, capturing the spontaneous moments of artistic brilliance that often emerge during the creative process.

SCK’s journey as a music producer is intertwined with his Music Producer through his hardware collection in his studio. The meticulously crafted space, brimming with cutting-edge technology and a conducive atmosphere, has served as the catalyst for his musical brilliance. With this state-of-the-tech-art facility at his disposal, SCK has perfected the art of music production, delivering outstanding Musonic – sound quality and captivating compositions. SCK’s unwavering commitment to his craft, coupled with the exceptional capabilities through his tech-hat in his 2G collection, solidifies his position as a true maestro in the realm of music production.

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