IPRS Music Day x META Conference: A Deep Dive into Augmented Reality and Music Rights

IPRS Music Day x META Conference was a highly anticipated event that brought together music industry experts, tech enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest advancements in augmented reality (AR) and music rights. This conference was a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about the intersection of technology and music and how it can be used to enhance the music experience while also protecting the rights of artists and creators.

Augmented Reality in the Music Industry

Four Ways Augmented Reality Could Change The Music Industry


One of the main topics of discussion at the IPRS Music Day x META Conference was augmented reality and its potential impact on the music industry. AR has already been used in various fields, but its integration into the music industry is still in its early stages. However, with the help of AR, the music industry can create immersive experiences for fans and enhance the way people interact with music.

AR can be used to create interactive album covers, music videos, and concert experiences. For example, an artist can use AR to create a 3D version of their album cover that fans can interact with using their mobile devices. Similarly, music videos can be enhanced by integrating AR elements into the video, creating a unique and engaging experience for viewers.

Music Rights and the Importance of Protecting Intellectual Property

How to protect Intellectual Property Rights in the innovation process - iPleaders

Another key topic of discussion at the IPRS Music Day x META Conference was music rights and the importance of protecting intellectual property. With the rise of digital music streaming, protecting the rights of artists and creators has become more challenging than ever. This is where organizations like the Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) come into play. IPRS is a non-profit organization that works towards protecting the rights of music creators and publishers by licensing music usage and collecting royalties on their behalf.

During the conference, industry experts emphasized the importance of music rights and the need to protect the intellectual property of music creators. This is crucial to ensure that music creators receive fair compensation for their work and can continue to create music that inspires and entertains.

The Future of AR and Music Rights

The Future Of Live Events: AR, VR, And Advertising

The IPRS Music Day x META Conference was a glimpse into the future of the music industry, where AR and music rights will play a crucial role. As technology continues to evolve, AR will become more prevalent in the music industry, creating immersive experiences for fans and new revenue streams for artists and creators. At the same time, protecting music rights will become increasingly important as the industry adapts to the digital age.

In conclusion, the IPRS Music Day x META Conference was a valuable event that highlighted the importance of AR and music rights in the music industry. It was a great opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest advancements in technology and how they can be used to enhance the music experience while also protecting the rights of music creators. As we move forward, we can expect to see more integration of AR into the music industry and increased efforts towards protecting music rights.

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