Sony boss says we’re gonna be waiting ‘two or three years’ before PlayStation games hit PC

The wait for a Steam page for Horizon Forbidden West may be longer than expected. During an interview with Famitsu, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan reiterated Sony’s commitment to prioritizing exclusivity for PlayStation before considering PC releases.

Ryan emphasized the significance of PS5 exclusive titles, stating that PlayStation Studios’ primary focus is to provide players with the best game experience on the latest PlayStation console. In line with this, Sony plans to increase the number of PS5-exclusive titles and stagger the release of PC versions.

While Ryan didn’t provide an exact timeline, discussions with PlayStation fans indicate that a favorable timeframe for releasing PC versions would be two or three years after the initial PS release. This suggests that Sony has no intention of accelerating the pace of PC releases based on the recent example of The Last of Us Part 1, which arrived on PC only a few months after its PS5 debut. It’s worth noting that the quality of that particular PC port may justify a more deliberate approach.

As of now, Sony remains committed to preserving the exclusivity of its titles on PlayStation platforms, ensuring that PlayStation fans have ample time to enjoy these experiences before considering PC releases. While the specific release schedule for Horizon Forbidden West on PC remains uncertain, fans can anticipate a staggered approach that upholds the value of PlayStation exclusives.

Ryan’s statement doesn’t come as a shock since Sony’s stance on PC releases has been established for some time. As early as October of the previous year, Hermen Hulst mentioned that PC players could expect to wait “at least a year” for Sony exclusives to arrive on PC. It is no surprise that Sony, as the creator of PlayStation, prioritizes the satisfaction of its PlayStation player base. This recent confirmation indicates that Sony believes their current strategy of spacing out PS/PC releases over several years is functioning effectively and, as a result, there are no imminent plans for significant changes in this regard. It seems that Sony is content with the existing cadence and has no intentions of altering their approach in the near future.

In addition, there have been rumors circulating about potential Metal Gear remasters and remakes, which has led to speculation about their potential PC releases, particularly if Sony secures an exclusivity deal (if such deals are even in place).

On another note, considering that Bloodborne was released almost a decade ago, one might assume that it’s high time for a… release on other platforms. However, it appears that is not the case, as there has been no indication of such a development.

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