We will ban 3 types of games in India’: Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar on online gaming

Amid various cases of online gaming addiction, and even a recent incident of religious conversion via games, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has announced that three types of games will be banned in India.

Chandrasekhar told ANI that the govt has already prepared a blueprint of the new rules. He specified the three types of games that will be banned. However, he did not mention the parameters that will be used to classify games under any of the three categories. He claimed that the following types of games will be banned in India:

  • Games that involve betting
  • Games can be harmful to the user
  • Games that involve a factor of addiction

The minister said, “For the first time we have prepared a framework regarding online gaming, in that we will not allow 3 types of games in the country. Games that involve betting or can be harmful to the user and that involves a factor of addiction will be banned in the country.”

Currently, Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store are two of the dominant application stores that the new announcement will impact.

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