Celebrating Empowerment: ‘Kudiyan Di Marzi’ – A Captivating Anthem for Fearless Women in Godday Godday Cha

The Punjabi film Godday Godday Cha features a captivating song called “Kudiyan Di Marzi,” which serves as a powerful anthem for women, encouraging them to live fearlessly with unwavering passion and strength. Hosted on the Tips Punjabi official YouTube channel, the song aims to inspire women to embrace their true selves without any apologies and to reclaim their power by not granting anyone the authority to dictate their lives.

With her melodious vocals, Simran Bharadwaj beautifully delivers the essence of “Kudiyan Di Marzi,” evoking a range of emotions, particularly among women who can relate to the everyday challenges they face. The song’s musical and lyrical richness adds depth to its message.

Gurmeet Singh, the composer of the song, expresses that “Kudiyan Di Marzi” encapsulates the human experience through Simran’s emotive vocals and soulful instrumentation. The track serves as a tribute to women who have confronted societal expectations and emerged stronger.

The lyrics of the song, penned by Harman, convey a message of hope and empowerment. They evoke a sense of pain and anguish, yet ultimately leave the listener feeling empowered and liberated, resonating deeply within their soul.

The film Godday Godday Cha revolves around Sonam Bajwa’s character and sheds light on a time when women were not permitted to participate in the Baraat ceremony during Punjabi weddings due to prevailing societal norms. Despite facing suppression, the female characters in the movie yearn to be part of the ceremony and devise a plan to defy the restrictive norms and attend it.

Featuring Sonam Bajwa, Tania, Gitaz Bindrakhia, and Gurjazz, “Godday Godday Cha” promises to be a delightful family entertainer. Penned by Jagdeep Sidhu and directed by Vijay Kumar Arora, this film is set to release on May 26th, offering a compelling narrative intertwined with cultural themes and uplifting storytelling.

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