Groove to the Rhythmic Beats of “Chimta” from Neeru Bajwa’s “Buhe Bariyan”

Unveil the Energetic Sounds – Watch Now

Prepare to sway and dance to the mesmerizing tunes of the latest sensation in Punjabi music, as Neeru Bajwa’s highly anticipated movie “Buhe Bariyan” introduces the vibrant and exhilarating track “Chimta”. This song is destined to become the anthem of joy and celebration for music enthusiasts all around the world.

“Chimta” is a perfect fusion of traditional Punjabi beats with a contemporary twist, crafting an irresistible rhythm that will compel listeners to hit the dance floor without hesitation. The charismatic vocals of Jaswinder Brar infuse the track with energy and heartfelt emotion, instantly turning it into a hit. The musical composition for “Chimta” has been masterfully crafted by the renowned Chet Singh, who excels at blending traditional and modern musical elements to create a multi-dimensional auditory experience. The captivating lyrics of “Chimta” have been skillfully penned by the talented Prabh Bains, known for his ability to tell compelling stories through poetic verses.

Reflecting on the song’s essence, Jaswinder Brar, the singer, shared, “Sharing ‘Chimta’ brings me immense joy. The dynamic energy and vibrant spirit of this song perfectly encapsulate the film’s essence. I hope it gets everyone moving and adds an irresistible beat to their playlists!”

Chet Singh, the Music Composer, expressed, “Bringing ‘Chimta’ to life has been an exhilarating journey. The marriage of traditional rhythms and modern elements presented a delightful challenge, and I am eagerly looking forward to witnessing how it brings a new dimension to the movie. I can’t wait to see everyone swaying to its infectious beats!”

Ace lyricist Prabh Bains added, “Crafting the lyrics for ‘Chimta’ was an absolute delight. Infusing each word with the essence of the film’s narrative and the lively cadence of the music was a remarkable experience. I’m eagerly anticipating the audience’s enthusiastic sing-alongs and their connection to the song’s catchy vibe!”

Directed by Uday Pratap Singh, “Buhe Bariyan” narrates the journey of a group of women, led by Bhuro and her gang, as they challenge patriarchy and societal norms. The film features a stellar ensemble cast including Neeru Bajwa, Rubina Bajwa, Nirmal Rishi, and other prominent Pollywood actresses in pivotal roles. The movie is all set to hit the screens on September 15, 2023, promising an engaging cinematic experience.

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