BrandMusiq Creates Sonic Identity for NTUC Income, Elevating Customer Engagement Through Sound

BrandMusiq, India’s renowned sonic branding firm, has collaborated with NTUC Income, a leading composite insurer in Singapore, to develop a distinctive sonic identity. NTUC Income sought to establish a stronger emotional connection with its customers by incorporating the powerful sensorial element of sound into its brand. Through the expertise of BrandMusiq, the Income Group harnessed the potential of sonic branding by creating a comprehensive sonic identity system, consisting of a ‘MOGOSCAPE®’ (Sonic palette), a ‘MOGO®’ (Musical LOGO), and a Mini-MOGO® (confirmation sound/alert). This new sonic asset will be integrated across all brand communications and consumer engagement programs, including TV commercials, digital content, apps, activations, and more.

Unlocking the Power of Sonic Branding:

NTUC Income recognized the significance of sound in forging deeper connections with its customers, and BrandMusiq’s expertise enabled them to tap into the power of sonic branding. The development of a sonic identity system allowed NTUC Income to infuse its brand with a distinct audio signature, enhancing the overall brand experience.

The MOGOSCAPE®, a unique sonic palette, provides NTUC Income with a range of sounds and musical elements that encapsulate the essence of its brand. This palette enables the creation of consistent and recognizable sonic experiences across various touchpoints, elevating brand recognition and recall.

The MOGO®, or Musical LOGO, represents the central musical theme that embodies the human side of NTUC Income’s brand story. This sonic logo serves as a mnemonic device, instantly evoking the brand’s values and emotions in the minds of consumers.

Complementing the MOGO® is the Mini-MOGO®, a confirmation sound or alert that reinforces brand engagement during customer interactions. This subtle but distinct audio cue creates a cohesive and immersive experience for users across different channels and platforms.

Amplifying the Sonic Identity:

To maximize the impact of the newly created sonic identity, NTUC Income will embed it across all its brand communications and consumer engagement programs. From TV commercials to digital content, apps, activations, and more, the sonic identity will be seamlessly integrated into every touchpoint.

By incorporating the sonic identity into various digital interfaces such as digital payments, notifications, and voice-enabled transactions, NTUC Income aims to enhance brand engagement and emotional appeal in an increasingly digital world.

Testimonials from NTUC Income and BrandMusiq:

Dhiren Amin, Chief Marketing Officer at NTUC Income, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, emphasizing how BrandMusiq consistently captures the brand’s vision and translates it into a unique sonic experience. The simplicity yet enlightening nature of BrandMusiq’s process and the memorable output have been instrumental in reinforcing the brand’s identity.

Rajeev Raja, Founder of BrandMusiq, expressed his delight in working closely with the NTUC Income team. He highlighted the importance of a sonic identity in today’s digital landscape, where sound plays a crucial role in digital transactions, voice interactions, and various interfaces. The development of NTUC Income’s Sonic Brand aims to create deeper brand engagement by enhancing its emotional appeal.

BrandMusiq’s collaboration with NTUC Income exemplifies the power of sonic branding in cultivating stronger emotional connections with customers. By creating a comprehensive sonic identity system, NTUC Income can infuse its brand with a distinctive audio signature, fostering deeper engagement and recognition. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the integration of a sonic identity across various touchpoints amplifies the brand’s emotional appeal and reinforces its values in the minds of consumers.

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