Empowering Independent Artists: Horus Music Partners with JioSaavn for Enhanced Music Distribution and Engagement

Horus Music, a renowned digital music distribution and artist and label services company, has recently formed an official partnership with JioSaavn, India’s leading audiostreaming service. This collaboration focuses on two key areas: CRBT (caller ring back tones) and music video distribution, allowing independent Indian artists and labels to expand their music’s reach in the digital landscape with the support of a local distribution team.

Horus Music, established in 2006 and with its India branch founded in 2016, has been instrumental in providing direct support to independent Indian artists and labels for releasing and promoting their music. With an existing strong partnership with JioSaavn for audio delivery, this expanded collaboration signifies a significant advancement for independent artists in India. It enables them to tap into the digital world more effectively and extend their music’s presence.

In today’s music industry, visual storytelling and short-form content have gained immense popularity and have a profound impact on audience engagement. By partnering with JioSaavn, which boasts over 100 million monthly active users and employs cutting-edge recommendation algorithms, Horus Music empowers thousands of artists in India and beyond to elevate their music careers.

Chandrika Shah, Head of Horus Music India, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership’s expansion, stating, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us in terms of helping artists further their careers. It opens up a world of opportunities and extends their reach to a much wider audience through multiple avenues. We are incredibly excited to embark on this journey together, empowering our artists to connect with millions of listeners and fans through the incredible platform that JioSaavn offers.”

In addition to traditional music distribution, the partnership now includes delivering music as caller tunes to JioSaavn. This feature allows artists to create a personal and intimate connection with their fans by making their songs a part of everyday life. Horus Music expressed its excitement in facilitating this aspect, recognizing the value it adds to the artist-fan relationship.

With Horus Music and JioSaavn joining forces, independent Indian artists and labels gain access to a powerful platform and extensive support, enabling them to thrive in the ever-evolving digital music landscape. The partnership opens doors to new opportunities and amplifies their music’s exposure, fostering meaningful connections between artists and their audience.

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