Indie band “When Chai Met Toast” Releases Sushi Song on IndieA records

We have a new tune from When Chai Met Toast and Richard Wilkinson, “Sushi Song,” a hypnotic track that takes listeners on a journey of love, adventure, and discovery. Independent music fans are sure to be delighted by their uplifting and energetic songs, which showcase the band’s raw, honest, and deeply rooted musical style.

“The Sushi Song” is the first track on the upcoming EP “LYTS”. A song about celebrating new experiences with someone special, “Sushi Song” celebrates the joy of discovering new places and doing new things. This song’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of two lovers embarking on a thrilling adventure.

The song captures the magic and excitement of travel and discovery, from eating sushi under the moon to climbing Mount Fuji at sunrise.

A blend of acoustic and electronic elements, produced by When Chai Met Toast and Richard Wilkinson, creates a delightful and infectious sound. This song’s pristine sound quality can be attributed to Richard Wilkinson’s expert mixing skills and Connor Panayi’s attention to detail.

When discussing their latest release and collaboration with IndieA Records, the band said,

“In 2022, we realised our long standing dream of recording an EP with a producer based in the UK—at one of the most historic studios in London. Sushi Song is the first off of the 4-song EP titled ‘LYTS’, with the other songs releasing soon after. We’re very excited about collaborating with IndieA Records for this release. Being in the independent space all this while, it’s great to have a larger team of people who equally love the music backing us. It’s great to be part of a roster that has released some of our favourite independent music in the country. This song is a celebration of the joy of travel, discovery, and love, and we can’t wait for fans to experience it.”

As a testament to the talent and creativity of When Chai Met Toast and Richard Wilkinson, “Sushi Song” was recorded at RAK Studios London and 212 Studios London, and mastered by Vivek Thomas at VTP Studios. Adding this track to their repertoire will cement their position as indie champions.

About IndieA records

Universal Music India launched IndieA Records, a new platform for country’s independent music artists to showcase their talent to a wider discerning audience.  An artist-first platform, IndieA Records is dedicated to actively discovering a wide range of music from independent artists across all genres and languages and bringing their work to a wider, more discerning audience through strategic partnerships & distinctive marketing. The label’s inception came with a rise in the independent music scene in India, which has seen a surging shift in music consumption habits and listener preferences in recent years. IndieA Records is in the process of banking an enviable repertoire of fresh indie music from both established and emerging artists. The songs will be promoted differently through intimate on-ground events and live gigs, strategically targeted to relevant audiences who have an affinity for such varied indie music.

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