IPRS Launches Outreach Program in Patna to Educate and Connect with Music Creators

The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS), the government-authorized music copyright society, has undertaken a series of initiatives to engage with songwriters, composers, publishers, and the music-making community across India. As part of this endeavor, IPRS organized an outreach program in Patna on April 9th and 10th, specifically targeting regional lyricists, composers, and music publishers. Esteemed member Vinay Bihariji, who is a MLA, film director, and music composer, attended the event and addressed the musicians present.

The primary objective of this initiative was to educate music creators and publishers about music copyright, managing rights as creators, the role of IPRS in safeguarding the royalty rights of lyricists, composers, and music publishers, as well as the emerging technologies and trends shaping the music industry. The two-day workshop provided an invaluable opportunity for music makers and independent artists from the region to gain first-hand information and guidance from the IPRS team.

Vinay Bihariji, a respected MLA, actor, music composer, director, and esteemed member of IPRS, expressed his thoughts on the initiative, saying, “As a music creator and IPRS member, I am glad to associate with IPRS in this initiative. IPRS has been tirelessly working towards safeguarding the right to royalty of its members and keeping them informed about critical issues related to earning more from the music they create.”

The Bhojpuri music industry has been experiencing a surge in popularity, with a plethora of songs and emerging talents making a mark. Therefore, sessions like these organized by IPRS serve as a valuable platform for music creators and publishers to familiarize themselves with copyright matters and the evolving landscape of the digital era. It has become essential for authors, composers, and aspiring individuals in the music industry to understand the various aspects beyond the creative process.

Rakesh Nigam, CEO of IPRS, expressed his enthusiasm about the event, stating, “We are thrilled to bring our member outreach and enrollment boot camp to Patna. This event provides an excellent opportunity for us to connect with music creators, publishers, and industry insiders in the region and educate them about the role of IPRS and the initiatives undertaken by the society to safeguard its members’ right to royalty. The digitalization of music has created new opportunities in the industry, as evidenced by the growth of regional music. The Bhojpuri music industry is one of the key drivers of regional music in India. As a society dedicated to supporting those behind the music, IPRS is reaching out to lyricists, composers, and music publishers across different regions, sharing knowledge and know-how crucial to protect their works and rights as creators.”

The two-day workshop was open to all IPRS members, including lyricists, composers, and publishers, providing them with an opportunity to learn about music copyright and gain a deeper understanding of IPRS and its initiatives.

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