The pre-event party for The Homegrown Festival – India’s premiere Culture & Lifestyle Festival

The Homegrown Festival – India’s premiere Culture & Lifestyle Festival had its pre-event party with Shan Vincent De Paul a.k.a SVDP, the award winning Tamil Canadian Rap artist performing at Anti Social, Mumbai recently.

The scheduled time was 9 pm but as usual as most events it started a few hours late but the club had its set of Rap artists who had the audience grooving setting up the stage for an entry for Shan Vincent De Paul a.k.a SVDP. For those not informed it seemed that he was an Indian artist with his name starting with Shan and ending with Paul and to top it all he sang in Tamil. That just sealed the deal for most people who heard him for the first time for Indians to feel proud of him but SVPD is originally from Sri Lanka a country where Tamil is also spoken other than our own Tamil Nadu.


Shan Vincent De Paul a.k.a SVDP definitely has the energy of a Hip Hop & Rap artist with his 6ft plus height and the cool jazzy pants just added to the vibe when he came on stage with a big shout out from his DJ, he had the crowd going. I would say Shan just gave the crowd what they waited for. He lifted up their moral, rapped the pep talk that this generations ears were itching to hear and also injected some good thoughts of Love, God and value of friendship.


SVDP started off well with his famous hit Saviour, which means Messiah The Christ. Pain and suffering probably brought him near to God. The result of it was seen by the world in the success of Saviour. I wish he hadn’t mixed abuses on mother son relationship with all these good learnings. It was like mixing amrut and poison.

Maybe it’s just cool for rappers to connect with the crowd. Along the way he introduced one of his friends and Rapper who sang ‘I was born in struggle’ which was really good and he also had a Mridangam player who pelted out a great beat with his rapping, for me these were the highlights of the night.

So this was a good beginning for the organizers of The Homegrown Festival and we wish them all the success. Do be there on18 & 19 March to experience 5+ Brand Labs, 40+ Artists performing on 4 stages with 4 after parties.

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