Warner Music Group Reports Strong Q2 Performance with Revenue Surpassing $1.5 Billion

Warner Music Group (WMG) has showcased its robust performance in the recently concluded Q2 (fiscal Q3) of the calendar year. The company’s revenue surge of 9.9% YoY has brought it back in line with an impressive trajectory of high-single-digit annual growth. The quarter ending June 2023 has demonstrated remarkable growth in various segments, including recorded music, music publishing, and other income streams, collectively contributing to an overall revenue of USD $1.564 billion.

Recorded music revenues have shown an 8.6% YoY increase, amounting to $1.282 billion. Notably, recorded music streaming revenues, a pivotal component, have surged by 7.3% YoY to $822 million. This positive change has been attributed to a stronger release schedule and a rebound in ad-supported revenue, counteracting a market-related slowdown.


Warner Chappell Music, WMG’s music publishing division, has continued its upward trajectory, with revenues in calendar Q2 witnessing a remarkable YoY growth of 16.0%, totaling $283 million.

CEO of Warner Music Group, Robert Kyncl, expressed satisfaction with the fiscal Q3 results. He attributed the success to a diverse range of music, which resonated with audiences across various genres and generations. He emphasized that both new releases and catalog projects contributed to the company’s strength.

Warner Music Group Earnings: Q2 Revenue Hits $1.38 Billion – Billboard

The synergy between Warner Music Group and Bollyboom, in collaboration with Percept Live, Spacebound, and Team Innovation, marks a significant turning point in the evolution of the music industry. By aligning music with merchandise, artists can establish stronger connections with their fan base, leading to the exploration of new revenue streams. The partnership is expected to fuel a brighter future for streaming growth, driven by subscription price increases and evolving key partnerships.

The figures in the report showcase Warner Music Group’s promising performance across various metrics, instilling confidence in achieving full-year margin and operating cash flow targets. The rise in digital revenue, streaming revenue, and key financial indicators highlight the growing optimism surrounding the streaming landscape.

Warner Music Group’s dedication to fostering creativity, collaboration, and long-term success remains evident as it continues to invest in new talent and innovative campaigns. The future of music and its intersection with various entertainment realms holds great promise, paving the way for even more groundbreaking developments in the industry.

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