I was only eight now when you called me black
The colour that, whats the colour of sunset,
Then night isn’t white, what colour is death
Don’t turn your back, the world isn’t multi colour
Its just white and black

There’s more colour on the rack
So don’t paint the world
White and Black
You think your intelligent & strong
You’re white, you have the rights

I am black, weak and wrong
The world runs on colour
not red, blue, green or yellow
But dull drab, white and black
O great so you’re white
Yourself don’t get a fright

Thats blood, it’s not wine,
It’s the same as mine
Don’t stare into my face and turn away

I ‘am a man not swine,
Look into your great bag
There are other colour at the bottom,
You wouldn’t paint the rainbow
White and Black

Wayne Reilly  © Raga 2 Rock Records

Design: Panju Ganguli

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