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Poets Corner is place where Songwriters can post their songs with the hope that their words can connect with Composers and be the place where Words meet a Tune, for some of the big hits in the future.


Wind was cold, I could feel the heat. Heart was dead, but never missed a beat.
Love they say happens at first sight. But to call this love is right. But not quite right.
Looking for an answer when there is no question. Why can’t one just love the high of the emotion.
Holding hands and letting the soul free. A monkey jumping from a bush to a tree.
If marriages r made in heaven who breaks them? If lovers r forever who makes them?
If scientists only defined gravity, can I define love?
Wish I cud express it perfectly, but someone pls tell me how.
Flashing of an eyelid, stuttering of words. Dreaming of places n flying like birds.
Hope Indra doesn’t ask me nor kamsa forces me to tell. I will say I never loved a woman like heaven,

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