*Mother, you share their sorrow
Always giving what they need
Just once consider for a while
What happens to them tomorrow
Oh mother my mother
You are so good *

 *Mother you’ve a heart of gold
Shinning bright through these years
Giving them the warmth
They never feel the winter cold.
 Mother oh mother
Do I read you wrong *

*Mother, looking through your eyes
I can see eternity
Nothing this world could give me
What you gave to me.
 Mother my mother
Dear mother to me *

*Mother, can’t you see
Or don’t you care what happens to me
You hear the children cry
Mother don’t you see me *

*You are an angel
Know the things to do
You deserve only heaven
What are you doing
Here in hell *

 * Please I beg you
‘cause people are not like you
Don’t think I’m wrong
Its not the place where you belong *

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Team Raga2Rock


Team Raga2Rock

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