Unveiling the Canine Ode: TM Music’s Forthcoming Melody Honoring Dogs and Their Admirers

Across the nation: TM Music, a boutique label renowned for excavating prodigious talents and empowering extraordinary artists, is poised to introduce “Ghumakkad,” the latest melodic creation by the maestro Goldie Sohel, on the 24th of August in the year 2023.

For a sneak peek, indulge in the trailer’s captivating essence: Experience the Prelude

This heartfelt symphony, an offering from the depths of Goldie Sohel’s heart, is not merely a song but an anthem dedicated to our quadruped companions—dogs. “Ghumakkad” is a harmonious trinity of Goldie Sohel’s mellifluous vocals, his poignant verses, and his mellowness in composition. This masterpiece reveres the unquenchable wanderlust that resides within every canine, encapsulating their ceaseless yearning to venture into the great outdoors, to traverse uncharted territories, and to embrace the world alongside their human companions.

The accompanying visual portrayal is a tapestry woven in the vibrant hues of South India. It stars none other than the endearing golden retriever, Messi, and the accomplished actress, Shruti Bakshi, in pivotal roles. The visuals splendidly encapsulate Messi’s boundless ebullience as she persuasively encourages her caretaker to partake in the grand expedition of life. The directorial baton for this cinematic marvel has been gracefully wielded by Deepak Rawat.

With the grand debut scheduled for the twenty-fourth day of August, “Ghumakkad” stands as a luminous and jubilant tribute to the enigmatic creatures known as dogs. Infused with vocals that caress the soul, verses that weave a tapestry of emotions, and music that resonates with profound depths, this opus assumes the role of an ideal composition to herald the dawn in the company of our furry confidantes.


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