Manndakini Bora’s Holi Special “Rang Baanko Sawariya”

As the festival of colours approaches, Manndakini Bora unveils a soul-stirring ode to the divine love story of Shree Radha ji and Lord Krishna ji. Titled “Rang Baanko Sawariya,” this enchanting Holi special song is a musical journey through the timeless and eternal love between the divine couple.

Set against the backdrop of vibrant festivities, “Rang Baanko Sawariya” captures the essence of Holi while narrating the mesmerizing tale of Shree Radha ji and Lord Krishna’s love. With its captivating melody and heartfelt lyrics, the song transports listeners to the mystical realm of Vrindavan, where every colour tells a story of devotion.

Renowned for her enchanting voice, Manndakini Bora teams up with the talented JSR Madhukar to deliver a rendition that resonates with the spirit of Holi. The lyrics are written by legendary Bhakt Padmakar ji & Bhakt Waham ji . Their harmonious blend of vocals and lyrics adds depth and emotion to the narrative, making “Rang Baanko Sawariya” a truly immersive experience for music enthusiasts.

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