Daira’s Transcendental New Song ‘Bhaari Nasha’ Out Now!

‘Bhaari Nasha‘ is the follow-up to Daira’s previous single ‘Sab Dhuaan Hai.’

In addition to their debut album, the band has released three more singles since then. ‘Bhaari Nasha’ explores humanity’s constant search for a perfect world in a powerful and thought-provoking manner.

There is something somber and compelling about this song that provokes listeners to question their own desires for utopia. Rather than chasing perfection, the lyrics suggest that listeners embrace life’s imperfections instead.

With ‘Bhaai Nasha’, the band takes a percussion approach instead of traditional drums, which allows the listener to groove along to the song’s deeper meaning as they contemplate its deeper meaning.

Among the musicians in the band is multi-instrumentalist Karan Chitra Deshmukh, who gave it the dynamic that sets it apart.

An extensive tour with Gauley Bhai, a transtraditional rock band from Bangalore, will follow the release.As part of the Roots & Grooves tour, DrumRoll Please, a Mumbai-based agency founded by Daira’s manager since the band’s inception, will curate the show.

WhatnDone, a Mumbai based agency, will present and execute the tour on behalf of DrumRoll Please. It will begin in April with a three-city leg and continue in May with five additional cities.

It will be the first of many releases the band plans for this year, with ‘Bhaari Nasha‘ already out now.

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