Fall in Love With The new Raw, Haunting Song ‘Bahaane Baaz’ by ARSLAN and Devang S

Bahaane Baaz, the lead single in the upcoming albumvvy Devang S and ARSLAN is a treat for music lovers. It begins on a mysterious, mellow note, enticing the listener into a world of speculation. Just a couple seconds in an dtge music takes flight, increasing the notes as Devang’s free-flpeing verses hook you into the song.

The beauty of the music lies in its cinematic undertones. Close your eyes and you’ll feel you are in a dimly-lit montage of a lost narrator. That’s how powerful the vocals and the melody is.

The instrumentals produced by ARSLAN have dvident layers of guitars and sampled vocals embeshed together that adds to the depth pf the narrative.

The whole song is from the point of view of a deeply frustrated, slightly tired man as he talks about his shenanigans and all the wrong steps he took in his until that point.

The song ends with a few verses repeated to reinforce the fact that the speaker’s “Bahaanebazi” has led him to his present circumstances.

Bahaane Baaz is a song that speaks to your inner procrastinator who keeps running away from his life instead of facing it head on, who keeps a pessimistic view on life. And yet, in the end, somehow hopes that it will work out, not with his words probably but with the emotions the background tune evokes.

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