YouTube Music Launches the Song and Album Credits Feature For its Premium Users

‘YouTube Music’, YouTube’s streaming service, is reportedly adding song and album credits. According to 9To5Google, users can now see the credits for a song while listening to their favourite music.

With the new updated feature, the user will be able to view detailed information about songs, like who sang and who wrote, produced, and composed each track, all of which have long been part of streaming services like Tidal.

Tidal claims it is the first global music streaming service offering high-definition video and sound, along with curated playlists and original content of its own.

YouTube Music users who have enabled the feature will see a ‘View song credits’ option in their overflow menu. In addition, it is independent of the existing “smart downloads” feature, which allows up to 500 songs based on music that the app considers favorites.

The recently played song setting for YouTube Music on iOS has yet to be announced, according to the report. In search results and under the Related tab of Now Playing, the company added the Live, Cover, and Remix labels.

There are many streaming services, such as Tidal, that offer detailed song information, including who wrote, produced, and composed each song. The user will see a ‘View song credits‘ option when accessing the overflow menu on YouTube Music if the feature is enabled.

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