Making Her – Kashmira Khot recently released her debut single “Break Through”. It’s a mixture of pop, grunge and rock vibes.

Kashmira Khot recently released her debut single “Break Through”. It’s a mixture of pop, grunge and rock vibes. This song is about changing your vision and dreams, being afraid of it, worrying about the pain it causes, and yet again, asking someone to wait on these fears,while you face these changes for good. R2R gets to know about the artist and her music better

Tell us how this song came about?
It’s a funny story, actually. Sometimes while dreaming at night, I hear some specific words or sentences and then they stick with me for a few days. If they keep lingering too much, I just note them down, hoping that makes them go away, because so many times- they don’t even make sense. This one time last October, a dream I had left me with a sentence “Water to my tears” and I’m like, “Goddamit! This doesn’t even make sense! Why does it keep ringing in my head?” So I wrote it down. Later while practicing some songs on the guitar, I was playing around with chords and I looked around Notes on my phone, and it showed up. And out of nowhere I sang, “Give water to my tears, the wells have gone dry” And that’s how the first line was written. I don’t even know how to explain how the rest of it came right out in a flow. It’s crazy how Fate works- because if I hadn’t opened that Nonsensical line on my phone that afternoon, it would’ve just been one of my “Lines I heard in my Dreams” notes.
What does the song mean to her? 
I wrote this song in October, while making major decisions for myself, while changing how my life was, how I was by nature, while finally being my own person.There’s a lot of things we all have to change about ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly. I believe we have to be in charge of who we are and try to be a better version of ourselves, everyday. Improve ourselves, for our own sake, if not for someone else. To be your own parent, your own guide, your own friend- to hear yourself out- for once.This song means the World to me. It’s a conversation- between you, and the person you were. It’s close to me because I think when we’re changing ourselves, we mistake ourselves for being easy to Break-apart. Changing is a tough process and it is NOT weak. It’s also tough to Love and Embrace your new self. This song is to go across those barriers and come out stronger and better. Chorus goes:“And everytime I close my eyes, another scene plays onA dream that never left my back, but never came trueSo maybe I’ll let go for now, I’ll leave my pain to youSo when the time is right I’ll know that, I have to Break through” (Where “You” is your old self, that you’re afraid of losing.)
What’s your music background and influences?
I’m a singer-songwriter with Indian Light-music vocal training since I was a child. I’ve been learning the guitar since the past 2-3 years. My interest in Western music as well as writing grew in my process from childhood to teenager. My major favourite bands include Pearl Jam, Queen, Pink Floyd and artists like Steven Wilson, Celine Dion, Adele- no specific type. I was very lucky to have found the company of friends and family who brought me where I am today. “Break Through” is just the beginning, and the best one I could’ve asked for. There’s still a lot to learn, and I’m all for it!Special Thanks to Mayank Katare (Producer and Guitarist for “Break Through”) for being patient and investing time and effort for this process.
We wish her all the success on her musical journey.

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